How to Keep one Window/Program on top of others

Sometimes it’s useful to stop one program’s window from being hidden by others as you switch from one program to another in the cours eof your work. Some programs have an inbuilt facility for this, there are many more that don’t.

Here’s how to set a window to stay on top of others using PTFB Pro:

  1. Right-click on PTFB Pro’s tray icon and select “Stay on Top” from the resulting popup menu, OR hit the Options button in PTFB Pro’s main window and again select “Stay on Top” from the resulting popup menu.
  2. When you select “Stay on Top” a sub menu will open up. Just select your chosen window in that sub menu.
  3. The “stay on top” setting is toggled, so just repeat the process if you want to turn it off again.

Note that this version of Stay on Top is not maintained between sessions. In other words, if you close then re-open the window in question it will not have Stay on Top set. If you want to have Stay on Top active for a particular program/window all the time, you should use a Window Restore macro instead.

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