Per item notification email addresses in PTFBPro 4.7.2

By popular request a new version of PTFBPro is now available on our download page. It adds the ability to override the delivery email address(es) for notifications on a per-item basis. To put it another way, you can now have the bulk of your macros send emails to a default set addresses whenever they fire autonomously, but set up certain others to send to a different set of addresses. Here’s how you use it:

1.Enable the override

Open up PTFB Pro’s configuration screen (Options -> Configure) and switch to the email tab. Tick the “Allow item override” option in the Recipients section:


2. Provide alternative addresses as needed

Now just edit a macro/press item that needs to send notifications to different recipients. Switch to the Notifications page, press the new button titled “Recipients” and enter the required address (separate multiple addresses with a semicolon):


And that’s all there is to it

If you haven’t used PTFB Pro’s notification facility yet, don’t forget that it’s there if you ever need it. As you can see it can send an email when a macro fires automatically, but it can also run a command line of your choosing, play a sound, or simply make a note in its text log.

Copy as Path – a hidden gem in Windows 7 and up!

There’s a hidden gem in Windows 7 onwards which copies a file’s full path directly to the clipboard. I know this isn’t directly related to PTFB Pro or macros in any way, but I just discovered it and I find it hugely useful, so I wanted to share it. Here’s how it works:

  1. In a file window, hold down the SHIFT key while right-clicking a file
  2. The resulting popup (context) menu will now contain a new option called “Copy as path”
  3. Select Copy as path get the full path to the file into the clipboard. And what’s more, if the path contains spaces it puts quotes around it automatically.

Copy as path

There you go. Hope you find it as handy as I do!

PTFBPro on Windows 10

Obviously I’ve been following the news of Microsoft’s upcoming OS, Windows 10. I’m part of the preview program and have been installing some of their latest builds, and I have to say, it looks like it truly is going to be a huge improvement over Windows 8/8.1 (which was, let’s face it, a disaster in many, many ways). I’ll be posting more on Win 10 in due course, but for now I’d like to share this little screenshot:

PTFB Pro on Windows 10

That’s the current version of PTFB Pro (v4.7.1.1) running very happily on the Windows 10 preview. Obviously the new Windows is till very much a moving target at the moment, but rest assured that PTFB Pro will be ready for it when it goes on public release.

PTFB Pro 4.7.1 – Better For New Users

If you haven’t updated your copy of PTFB Pro for a while, now would be a good time. The previous release, 4.7, added some useful tweaks to make all edit screens retain their last-used position, and an advanced option to respect process session boundaries (great for machines with multiple active user accounts). It also had a little workaround to help tackle an old “stuck tray icon” problem that was really Microsoft’s fault, but hey, if they can’t fix it, someone has to fix it for them! Today’s new release adds another little fix to do with tight repeat loops around “forced delay” commands in macros, but its biggest change is actually a small tweak to the defaults for new users.

Up until now, PTFB Pro has always defaulted to require an exact match between a target window and the “snapshot” it takes when a macro or single-press item is created. This was for safety reasons; it left very little chance that PTFB Pro would act on the wrong window. Unfortunately, it also meant that PTFB Pro would routinely ignore any window that was ever so slightly different from one appearance to the next. The workaround for this was usually to edit the item you’d created and switch from “Strict” window contents checking to “Simple” checking, but for a new user just trying to get on with their work, this was often an unwelcome extra step. In fact if I were to check through our support history, I’d probably find that the vast majority of requests related to this very issue.

All that changes with 4.7.1 because now, “Simple” contents checking is the default. This should mean that more single presses and macros will work straight away without any tweaking, which will definitely improve the “out of the box” experience for new users. It’s worth noting though that this change won’t affect you if you already have PTFB Pro installed – it’ll keep your current defaults and operate just as it always has. Don’t forget though that seasoned PTFB Pro users as well as newbies are free to change the defaults for new items via Options -> Configure -> Defaults page.

That’s about it for this release, except to say that if you’re quick, you can pick up cheap a license for PTFB Pro in our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale via the 40% off link below. Maybe you need an extra license of your favorite macro and button pusher, or maybe you’ve just downloaded our installer for the very first time. Either way, now is the time to buy!


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PTFB Pro v4.6.2 Preserves Selections Across Sessions

The latest release of PTFB Pro, v4.6.2.0, now preserves selections across sessions. In other words, if you select an item then quit PTFB Pro (or restart your PC), when PTFB Pro launches again the same item(s) will still be selected. This is a small change, but it should be very welcome particularly for people who like to trigger their macros using the “Run Now” button (or the Run Now shortcut they’ve defined).

To update to the latest version please visit the PTFB Pro download page:

Cyberweek 50% Discount: Coupon CYBER2013

From Monday 2nd Dec 2013 to Friday 6th (inclusive) we’re running a Cyberweek promotion with 50% of all our products, including PTFB Pro. So if you’d like to get a half-price license for PTFB Pro, or try out one of our other products, NOW IS THE TIME!

Use the coupon code “CYBER2013” at the checkout stage to get your discount. The position of the coupon field varies from product to product so keep an eye out for it; it is there!

As I mentioned the same coupon works for our other products too. So you can get tabbed, helpful command prompts with PromptPal, generate pleasing color schemes and try them out on a live webpage without any coding using ColorCache, and be alerted about errors and warnings on all PCs in your network with LogMeister and EventMeister, all at half price using the same coupon code.

Finally, I’m happy to report that PTFB Pro helped me to get a Black Friday / Cyberweek discount of my own. I saw a good deal on Amazon for the two recent Star Trek movies on bluray. Unfortunately I was a bit slow adding them to the shopping cart and discovered that the deal was already fully taken; I was stuck at position 103 in the queue, with little chance of getting my videos! Undeterred, I set up PTFB Pro to keep clicking away on the page every 1/3 sec exactly where the “Add to cart” button would be if someone backed out of their purchase, and went for a coffee. By the time I got back to my desk PTFB Pro had bagged the movies for me! They arrived this morning; just need to get some popcorn for a night of Trek indulgence!


Easier screen macro recording in PTFB Pro v4.6.0.0

Version 4.6 of PTFB Pro – now available from our Download page – adds a few handy tweaks requested by our customers:

  • Immediately prior to recording screen-based macro, PTFB Pro quickly and discretely restores the previous foreground window. This is particularly useful if you want to record a macro for typing text into whatever happens to be the currently active program.
  • The “Fire only if window belongs to program” field is now editable. This optional field is present on the “Identifying the Target” page of several PTFB Pro item types; it constrains the item to acting only windows that belong to the nominated program.
  • PTFB Pro now recognizes some new target types in Internet Explorer v10

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PTFB Pro and high DPI on Windows 8, 7 and Vista

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to use the font and user-interface scaling option built into Windows 7 & 8 to make everything more readable. This scaling is also known as “high dpi” or “high dots per inch” mode, but whatever you want to call it, it’s a boon if you have a high resolution monitor that makes everything on screen seem uncomfortably small, or if your vision is less than perfect. PTFB Pro has now been updated specifically for high DPI systems to make sure that it looks it best and keeps on pressing the right buttons.

If you’re running a version of PTFB Pro prior to v4.5.1.0 and are using or intend to use high DPI mode, please stop by our download page and grab the latest release. If you want to know more about high DPI mode, including a little tip on how to get older programs play well with it, please take a look at the following article in PTFB Pro’s Help Desk:

Finally, please note that our first release with the high DPI changes – version – had a bug in it that resulted in messed up graphics and crashes on some systems. That release was only out for a few days before we fixed it, but if you do have v4.5.0.0, please update to v4.5.1.0 (or later) as soon as possible.


Tame the cpu hogs with PTFB Pro

The latest version of PTFB Pro (v4.4) brings a much requested new capability: it can monitor the cpu utilization of particular programs/process on your computer and restart them automatically if they become “unwell” and start eating up all available processing power.

For some time now PTFB Pro’s program monitor or “ProgMon” items have been able to restart programs that crash or fall into a “not responding” state, but they haven’t been able to help with another equally unwelcome symptom of “unwell” programs: cpu hogging. It’s not at all uncommon for some programs to randomly enter a state where they cease to work properly and consume cpu cycles like an army of mice devouring a block of cheese. In some cases this can cause the whole computer to slow down; in others, the biggest loss is simply that the crucial program is no longer doing its job. Either way the only remedy is typically to manually kill the program in Task Manager and re-launch it. Starting in version PTFB Pro v4.4, ProgMon items can now do this for you automatically, 24/7.

It’s very simple to set up: create a new ProgMon item then let the wizard guide you through the remaining configuration steps. You get to choose the program/process you want to monitor, set the maxium level of cpu usage you’re prepared to tolerate before action is taken, and specify what that action should be. What’s more, you can tell PTFB Pro to turn a blind eye to a short period of high cpu (since this may occur for legitimate reasons) so that action is only taken when the process really has irretrievably slipped into an unwell state.

In addition to this new feature, the v4.4 release also contains a number of welcome bug fixes. Get the new release from our download page now:

Latest release – v4.3.0.0

This release is the first to contain an automatic check for newer versions. It’s enabled by default in fresh installs, but if you’re upgrading from a previous (4.x) version then it’s up to you whether you want to turn it on or not. When enabled, it runs shortly after PTFB Pro starts up and briefly checks with our website to see what the latest version is. If you’re already up-to-date you won’t even be aware of the version check, but if you’ve fallen behind then PTFB Pro will present a reminder. Additionally you can run the version check manually any time you want via the Options menu, regardless of whether automatic checking is enabled or not.

Here’s the full list of changes in v4.3:

  • Added automatic “Check for newer version” option (Options -> Configure -> General)
  • Extended workstation fail-safe relock upper limit to 300 secs (5 mins)
  • OK button now default in item properties
  • Fixed: occasional first-use failure of advanced target recognition on some apps when creating a single press item.
  • Fix: increased time between remote desktop kickoff and target action to reduce chance of failure.

Get the new version from our download page: