Upgrade to PTFB Pro for Windows 10 Creators Update!

There’s what appears to be an intermittent timer bug in Windows 10 Creators Update which causes PTFB Pro to consume huge amounts of cpu. It doesn’t happen every time PTFB starts; in our tests, the problem seems to strike 2-3 times in every 5 launches, but once it starts it keeps going for the whole session, basically consuming 100% cpu (or 100% of one cpu core if your processor is multi-cored). Previous versions of Windows 10 (as well as all versions prior to windows 10) are NOT affected.

Happily there’s no need to wait for Microsoft to fix this one, which is just as well, given that they took around a year to fix the intermittent crash when searching RegEdit (remember that one?). All you have to do is grab the latest installer from our download page (PTFB is at version at the time of writing) and use it to update your existing installation.

If you’re still on version 4 of PTFB and are about to move to Windows 10 Creators Update, it’s extremely likely that you too will be hit by the same bug. If you want to upgrade to the latest version of PTFB Pro you’ll require a new license; depending on when you bought your existing copy, you’ll either be able to get this free or at a 50% discount – just drop us an email at support@ptfbpro.com and we’ll help you out.