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Can't find PTFB Pro's icon in the system tray?

The most likely explanation for this is that the tray icon has been hidden by Windows.

No, that isn't a joke!

Starting with Windows XP, Microsoft has included a feature that hides tray icons to reduce clutter. This feature is particularly aggressive in Windows 7 and later, where a new tray icon is displayed for less than a minute before it is hidden, never to be seen again unless you explicitly tell Windows not to hide it. It's easy to check whether Windows has hidden PTFB Pro's icon - just click on the little arrow near the right edge of your taskbar. If you see PTFB Pro's mouse-like icon in the resulting popup window then yep, Windows has hidden it.

There are different ways to tell Windows not to hide PTFB Pro's icon depending on the version of operating system you're running.

Windows 7, 8, 10
There are actually several ways to make sure PTFB Pro's icon is shown under Windows 7, but the easiest is:
  1. Click on the "Show Hidden Icons" arrow on the taskbar
  2. Click and drag PTFB Pro's icon out of the resulting popup window and into the notification area of your taskbar.

  1. Right click in the task bar and choose Properties.
  2. Switch to the Notification Area tab
  3. Click "Customize..."
  4. Find PTFB Pro's icon in the list, set its behavior to "Show" and hit the OK button.

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