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When I bring up Palette Builder, ColorCache's main window covers everything on screen

This can happen in the following circumstances:

- ColorCache's main window is maximized
- You summon the Palette Builder from the Preview window

It happens because the palette builder belongs to the ColorCache's main window, so when you summon up the palette builder, ColorCache's main window also comes to the fore, and since it's maximized on your PC, it covers everything below it. The simplest workaround is to minimize ColorCache's main window, then bring up the palette builder using the icon on the Preview Screen. This will stop ColorCache's main window from covering everything.

Note also that by default when minimized ColorCache's main window defaults to going to the system tray; unfortunately in Windows 8 the tray icon is immediately hidden. You can change this behavior using Windows 8 itself (uncover the icon and drag it to the displayed part of the tray) OR within ColorCache (Tools -> Options -> Shortcuts, toggle "Minimize to system tray" to OFF).

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