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How do I upgrade to the latest version of ColorCache?

Updating from an earlier v5.x release to the latest release
Just quit your existing copy of ColorCache, then download and install the latest trial from our site. This is an "over the top" install - you do NOT need to uninstall your existing copy first. If all is well, ColorCache will pick up your existing name and license key and convert to the full version when it runs.

Updating from a much older version (4.x, 3.x, 2.x)
Version 5 does not install "over the top" of an older (version 4 or earlier) installation. Instead, it installs to a separate folder on your computer. We STRONGLY recommend that you do not attempt to override this behavior by installing version 5 to the same location as version 4 for example, as later removal of version 4 would delete critical version 5 files (requiring reinstallation of version 5 to restore them).

If having installed version 5 you wish to remove an earlier version, please use the "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" option in the Windows control panel.

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