What is PTFB Pro?

PTFB Pro’s focus is on dealing with the day to day irritations and interruptions to work flow experienced by Windows users.

For example, responding to:

  • irritating confirmation requests and popups;
  • attention craving programs that tie an operator to a computer just to ‘push a button’ every so often;
  • prompts that cut short tasks set to run overnight;
  • vital programs that crash while no one is there to notice or restart them;

PTFB Pro can also cut long, repetitive tasks down to size (or do them for you!) saving you hours or even days of work. A couple of mouse clicks and PTFB Pro will get to work saving you time, money and frustration.

How can PTFB Pro Help Me?:

Easy enough for a computer novice and powerful enough for the most demanding system administrator.