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How do I configure a macro (i.e., set of keystrokes) to type my name, address, and phone number, regardless of which app I'm in?

- Make sure you're running the latest PTFB Pro (
- Open some app that lets you type in the text you want (e.g. Notepad) and get ready to type
- Open PTFB Pro and create a screen-based macro (NOT a window macro) and type your text. Hit the break key when you're done
- During the recording, take care not to carry out any app-specific actions. For example, if you want to type your name in one field, your address in the next and so on, then use the TAB key to move between fields rather than the mouse.

When you've finished, open up the macro, switch to the Triggers page and:
- turn off spontaneous triggering
- define a hotkey (key combo) that you can use to trigger the macro whenever you need it

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