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A Mouse Auto Clicker and Macro Recorder with special features to minimize disruption to your workflow and automate repetitive tasks.

Are you fed up of your computer repeatedly prompting for the same information, or asking "are you sure?" before doing the very thing you've just told it to do?
Have you ever left your computer to crunch through a batch of work overnight only to find that a vital program has crashed or hung?
Have much time do you spend performing the same tasks over and over again?


Wouldn't life be easier if you had an assistant to just

"Push The Freakin' Button"

and keep everything running smoothly - whether you're at your computer or not?


That's what PTFB Pro will do for you - and much more!

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More than Just Pushing Buttons

PTFB Pro is capable of doing much more than simply "Pushing the Freakin' Button". It is a powerful, fully featured macro recorder and auto clicker with a whole host of features that will ensure that it can carry out the most complex of tasks on your behalf.

More than a Macro Recorder or Auto Clicker

PTFB Pro will do everything that a Macro Recorder or Auto Clicker can and much more. It offers an elegant, easy to use solution to many of the irritations and interruptions that plague Windows users. It sits quietly in the system tray until a task comes up that it can help you with. It then springs to life taking care of repetitive tasks, eliminating workflow interruptions, restoring program preferences, responding to prompts and popups and so on. You don’t even need to tell PTFB Pro to act – once configured it’s capable of monitoring your operating system and programs and identifying situations where you want it to spring into action and work on your behalf.

Perfect for Unattended Operation

PTFB Pro has a number of features that make it well suited to keeping things running smoothly even when you are away from your computer:

  • All activities can be logged to text file, along with screen shots
  • When an item fires, an email can optionally be sent to one or more recipients
  • Can dismiss screen saver when necessary
  • Can unlock and relock desktop as needed to run macros and auto click
  • Compatible with Remote Desktop, even when session has been minimized or closed without formal disconnect

Find out how much time, money and frustration PTFB Pro can save you! Download a FREE 30 day trial now.

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..this program is amazingly easy to use and is making my life way easier LOL even stuff we couldn’t do before since takes long time we do it now using PTFB, you guys keep the good work!!!!!!!
Sigfredo Gomez, Law Offices Of Andreu, Palma
Amazing tool; very flexible; can't do without it! I use this a lot because I have software that requires human intervention and I believe in automation. This tool has sped up my production by 500%, no kidding.
I love PTFB. I've used it for years, formerly as freeware, and now I happily pay for the Pro version. It's hard to describe how phenomenally useful it is ... the developer is very responsive to questions, and continually improves PTFB based on those questions. Once you use it, you'll wish you'd discovered it long ago. It's addictive and fun!
I love this product, and having been using it for years. I couldn't live without it.
Larry Leonard
I think it's a very simple to use product and is very good value compared to some of the more internet tailored macro recorders.
Jenny Hyams
You have a great product that I'm happy to pay for, and I'm glad you're still around helping the rest of us out with these nuisances that Microsoft feels obligated to supply us with.
C. W. Bruce - Corporate Information Technology Manager

So Much More Than An Auto Clicker or Macro Recorder

PTFB Pro is extremely flexible and can be used to solve a wide variety of problems. For example:

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks
  • Automatically respond to prompts and info requests
  • Keep vital programs running 24/7
  • Restart Programs (periodically, or when hung or not responding)
  • Prevent programs from running at specified times
  • Restore preferences every time a program runs
  • Restore a window's state every time it opens
  • Automated software testing
  • Software automation
  • Restart programs if they're hogging too much processing power.


Feature List | How To Guides | Examples

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Find out how much time, money and frustration PTFB Pro can save you! Download a FREE 30 day trial now.

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It Couldn't Be Easier!

As a tool initially developed to eliminate irritations and interruptions, ease of use has always been of prime importance for PTFB Pro. It's designed to fit in with the way you work, be discrete, very quick and accessible. There is no steep learning curve, no complicated scripting and with very many day-to-day irritations a couple of button clicks is all it takes to never be bothered by that particular thing again.

Here's how to automatically respond to a prompt that irritates you or holds up your workflow:


  1. Open up PTFB Pro's main window by clicking on its tray icon
  2. Click on Single Press. The cursor will now change to a hand with an outstretched finger.
  3. Move the cursor over the button, link or other item you want to be pressed, and click the mouse.
  4. Put PTFB Pro back to work by hitting "Start Watching"


That's all there is to it!

You'll never have to respond to that prompt, information or confirmation screen again. PTFB Pro has sophisticated mechanisms for ensuring that it only clicks on the buttons you want it to.


Video Demo


PTFB Pro's other capabilities are equally simple to set up, for example:

How to automate Repetitive Tasks
How to automatically restart a program when it becomes unresponsive
How to automatically resize/reposition a window

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Find out how much time, money and frustration PTFB Pro can save you! Download a FREE 30 day trial now.

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Examples of how PTFB Pro can Help You

"A vital program that we set to run overnight occasionally crashes or hangs. No one notices until the next morning by which time a whole nights processing has been lost."

PTFB Pro can detect a program hang or crash and start / restart immediately. It can also take other action such as logging, notifications or even running scripts or batch files.


"I have a great little utility that I use daily but sadly it doesn't remember my favorite settings for certain operations. Reconfiguring those settings every single session is a pain."

PTFB Pro will do it instantly whenever the utility screen appears.


"There's a critical program on our system that has known memory leaks. It needs to be restarted on a regular basis to free up resources but there's no one to do it during the night."

PTFB Pro can do it for you.


"I regularly use a program that prompts me to login every time I launch it."

PTFB Pro will perform the login for you. Again, it can do it so quickly that you don't even see the prompt thus saving you time and irritation!


"I regularly visit a web site page and want an auto-clicker to automatically click on a link or button. The trouble is, the link / button isn't always in the same place so my auto-clicker can't find it."

PTFB Pro doesn't just rely on co-ordinates - it will actually recognize most buttons and links. If the program screen is resized or laid out differently under different circumstances PTFB Pro can still find and click the button.


More Examples | How To Guide

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Find out how much time, money and frustration PTFB Pro can save you! Download a FREE 30 day trial now.

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