PTFB Pro Release History

Release date
PTFB Pro v5.3.0.0
14th Aug 2018
  • In manually edited mouse actions the provision of coordinates is now optional; where none are provided, the action will occur at the current mouse position.
Release date
PTFB Pro v5.2.3.0
16th July 2018
  • Various changes to assist when using PTFB in conjunction with Remote Desktop.
Release date
PTFB Pro v5.2.2.0
20th March 2018
  • Fix: When the mouse speed is high and the mouse is moved very suddenly during target selection, the correct cursor and feedback may not be displayed.
Release date
PTFB Pro v5.2.1.0
11th Dec 2017
  • Fixes for users who run with mouse buttons swapped.
Release date
PTFB Pro v5.2.0.0
14th November 2017
  • Added Sort Options, giving much greater control over item sorting.
  • Added optional delay to Visual Triggers
  • Help file revised.
  • This release changes the file format.
Release date
PTFB Pro v5.1.4.0
6th October 2017
  • Changed URL launch to fix issues with some browsers.
Release date
PTFB Pro v5.1.3.0
28th August 2017
  • Resized text frame in Window Restore wizard to avoid clipping.
  • Can now fall back to "global" screen capture method for visual change trigger on non-standard windows.
  • Visual trigger snapshot now displayed.
  • MRU files now removed when macro is deleted.
Release date
PTFB Pro v5.1.2.0
10th June 2017
  • Allowed minimize/maximize on main window.
  • Updated old email address.
Release date
PTFB Pro v5.1.1.0
11th April 2017
  • FIXED: Timer problems in Windows 10 Creators Update intermittently caused high cpu usage.
Release date
PTFB Pro v5.1.0.0
27th Feb 2017
  • Improved UI compatibility with keyboard interface.
  • Improved Visual Trigger with unusual windows, such as UAC dialog on non-secure desktop.
  • Added macro "Re-Record" and "Clear All Actions" functions.
  • Updated PTFB workstation unlock svc and DLL to cope with new Windows 10 lock screen.
Release date
PTFB Pro v5.0.3.2
6th Feb 2017
  • Fix: Eliminated occasional problem with wait-for-key-up when triggering macros via hotkey.
Release date
PTFB Pro v5.0.3.1
27th Jan 2017
  • Fix: Changes to SLL/TLS version preference were not always saved.
  • Fix: Macro playback slider did not always update correctly to show current position on Windows 10.
Release date
PTFB Pro v5.0.3.0
14th Jan 2017
  • Mail send facility upgraded to use Windows own inbuilt SSL/TLS technology; OpenSSL libraries no longer used. STARTTLS now supported.
  • Updated Help.
Release date
PTFB Pro v5.0.2.0
6th Jan 2017
  • Added option to wait for key-up when triggering items via hotkey. Defaults to "on".
  • Added "Exclude this text" option on the target identification page for Window-based macros and press items, for further control over matching.
  • This release changes the file format.
PTFB Pro v5.0.1.1
17th Dec 2016
  • Fix: "View Matches" in target identification tab now harvests latest changes before listing matching windows.
  • Fix: /NOICON start up option now working correctly..
PTFB Pro v5.0.1.0
17th Oct 2016
  • Using CTRL+ESC to halt macro playback now also halts repetition.
PTFB Pro v5
3rd Sept 2016
  • Trigger by visual change added. Trigger on match or difference with adjustable tolerance.
  • View matches facility added to Target Identification page to provide instant feedback on which windows are captured by your settings.
  • Added 'Set Clipboard' macro action
  • Now records date of most recent use for each item
  • New archive function disables and/or moves rarely used items to named tab to improve performance by reducing number of active items.
  • Storage of most settings now file-based for easier management
  • Improvements to window matching performance in Windows 10
  • Improvements in screenshot capture in Windows 10
  • Added /ENABLE and /DISABLE command line directives to enable/disable individual items or the PTFB Pro app itself.
  • Added /WAIT directive to force a wait until the command line has been fully executed.
  • Macro commands parameterized; parameters are passed in from the command line
PTFB Pro v4.8.0.0
9th Nov 2015
  • The subject line for email notifications can now take parameters.
  • The time between the mouse down and up events in a Single Press can now be adjusted.
PTFB Pro v4.7.2.0
26th May 2015
  • As requested by some of our users, it is now possible to override the destination address(es) of email notifications on aper item basis. To use this feature, visit the "Email" tab of the Options -> Configure screen and enable "Allow Item Override" in the email section.
PTFB Pro v4.7.1.1
25th Feb 2015
  • Small optimisation and fail-safe added to item loading from the main data file.
PTFB Pro v4.7.1
30th Nov 2014
  • Changed windows contents checking default for new users. Previously it was "strict"; now the default is "simple" to provide a better out-of-box experience for new users.
  • Fixed bug that caused "Forced Delay" macro commands to be ignored when in a tight loop.
  • Help file updated.
PTFB Pro v4.7
28th May 2014
  • Steps taken to combat occasional "stuck icon" that can occur on Win 7/8.
  • Global option added in Options -> Configure to restrict ProgMon activity to processes residing in the same session as PTFB Pro itself.
  • Edit screens for all items now retain last used size/position. Open with CTRL held down to ignore saved size/position.
PTFB Pro v4.6.2
4th March 2014
  • Most recent selection is preserved between sessions.
PTFB Pro v4.6.1
27th July 2013
  • Screenshot taken on creation of single press / window macro now uses logging screenshot delay.
  • Automatic restoration of mouse position after playback now optional. Applies to presses & macros.
PTFB Pro v4.6
8th June 2013
  • "Fire only if window belongs to program" is now editable
  • Now restores foreground window prior to recording screen macro
  • Update for IE10 to recognize more object types
  • Updates to Help file
PTFB Pro v4.5.4
26th March 2013
  • Updated Installer
PTFB Pro v4.5.2
15th Nov 2012
  • Bug fix: stability improvement for advanced target recognition.
PTFB Pro v4.5.1
2nd Nov 2012
  • Bug fix: on some systems v4.5 introduced drawing refresh problems and instability.
PTFB Pro v4.5
26th Oct 2012
  • PTFB Pro has now been adapted to work better on high DPI (dots per inch) Windows Vista / 7 / 8 systems. This includes enhanced visuals and where necessary, coordinate conversions. Operation on standard DPI systems is unchanged.
PTFB Pro v4.4
13th Sept 2012
  • Added: ProgMon items now have the ability to restart a program/process that has become a "cpu hog".
  • Fix: Button keyboard shortcuts (as opposed to hotkeys) no longer have effect when main window is hidden/minimized.
  • Fix: ProgMon items now correctly handle multiple instances of the target process.
  • Fix: Stopped potential crash when updating from shared file.
PTFB Pro v4.3
30th June 2012
  • Added automatic "Check for newer version" option (Options -> Configure -> General)
  • Extended workstation fail-safe relock upper limit to 300 secs (5 mins)
  • OK button now default in item properties
  • Fixed: occasional first-use failure of advanced target recognition on some apps when creating a single press item.
  • Fix: increased time between remote desktop kickoff and target action to reduce chance of failure.
PTFB Pro v4.2.4
8th June 2012
  • Fixed: fatal error connected to advanced target recognition for certain targets.
PTFB Pro v4.2.3
15th May 2012
  • Now recognizes & handles German Outlook Security Dialog
  • Fix: single press items for system tray balloons now execute notifications correctly.
PTFB Pro v4.2.2
9th April 2012
  • Fix: Duplicate item now works correctly on items from a shared file.
  • Fix: Hotkey triggers involving right ctrl key now handled correctly
  • Updated installer.
PTFB Pro v4.2.1
9th February 2012
  • Added ability for ProgMon to restart non-responsive app only when the app has been found to be not responding a given number of times (consecutively)
  • Updated installer.
PTFB Pro v4.2
12th October 2011
  • Added ability to limit items to fire only on foreground windows (those with focus).
  • Added ability to temporarily enable an item from within a macro
  • Added "cycle" option to Switch To Prog macro action
  • Minor user interface improvements.
  • Changes/Additions to the Help file.
  • Note that the file format has changed with this release.
PTFB Pro v4.1.5
11th August 2011
  • Updated target recognition for current versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Internal changes to help with software conflicts on some systems.
  • Minor user interface improvements.
  • Changes/Additions to the Help file.
PTFB Pro v4.1.4
14th April 2011
  • Fixed fatal error on some PCs when creating window restore items.
  • nstaller update
PTFB Pro v4.1.3
21st March 2011
  • MinimizeToTray is now optional, to help new users who aren't familiar with system tray icon hiding under Windows 7.
  • Installer update
  • Minor cosmetic changes
PTFB Pro v4.1.2
28th February 2011
  • The hotkey controls in Options -> Hotkeys were incorrectly disabled during the trial. This has been corrected.
PTFB Pro v4.1.1
9th February 2011
  • Under certain circumstances the previous version of PTFB Pro (4.1) could consume a large amount of cpu when waiting for new targets to trigger. This has now been resolved.
  • This version is once again compatible with Windows 2000 (though the new technology is not available in this old OS)
PTFB Pro v4.1
22nd December 2010
  • This release enables PTFB Pro to use a new technology in Windows 7 onwards, enabling it to find targets in non-standard screens and even some browsers. Users of Windows XP and later can also benefit from this new version because the new technology is available to some older OSes via Windows Update. Consequently, this new version of PTFB Pro is highly recommended for users of Windows XP onwards. Users of Windows 2000 should stay with the previous version (
PTFB Pro v4.0.0.1
8th September 2010
  • Assorted cosmetic tweaks and fixes.
  • Change to the default delay for screenshots (up from 0 to 1/10 sec)
PTFB Pro v4
23rd June 2010
  • Added "Window Restore" item to automatically resize/reposition windows for programs that either don't do this themselves, or do it incorrectly.
  • Added "Stay on top" submenu to keep chosen windows on top of others.
  • Can now disconnect minimized or otherwise inactive remote desktop (RDP) window in order to keep handling targets.
  • Can now temporarily unlock a locked workstation to keep handling targets even on Vista and Win 7, both 32 & 64 bit.
  • Run Now available for all selected items, and added "Run All In Tab" to execute multiple items one after the other.
  • Can now export items to, and automatically (re)load items from, a shared file.

  • Improved email notifications - can now send via Googlemail.
  • Now operates on tooltip balloons on 64 bit systems as well as 32-bit.
  • Numerous usablity tweaks suggested by our customers.
PTFB Pro v3.6.0.3
12th Aug 2009
  • Changes to resolve possible incompatibility with some installations of Vista Business Edition
PTFB Pro v3.6.0.2
29th June 2009
  • Can now use read only flag to prevent overwriting of PTFBPro3.dat file. This can be useful if one "master file" is being used by multiple installations of PTFB Pro.
PTFB Pro v3.6.0.1
18th Mar 2009
  • Updated to cope with another variant of the Outlook 2007 Security Dialog.
PTFB Pro v3.6
26th Feb 2009
  • New: option to trigger target after no mouse/keyboard activity has occurred for X minutes.
  • New: ProgMons can now be set to automatically close/restart programs that are "Not Responding"
  • Fix: Run Macro button now launches ProgMons too
  • Fix: some drawing/labelling issues
  • Updated installer
PTFB Pro v3.5.2
22nd August 2008
  • New: Import Targets From File (Options menu). Allows you to import one or more items from any existing PTFB Pro .dat/.cfg file. Available only to licensed users.
  • Improvements to efficiency, particularly for ProgMon items.
  • Updated installer.
PTFB Pro v3.5.1.1
23rd April 2008
  • Fix memory consumption problem on some PCs. ProgMon no longer acknowledges 16-bit apps.
PTFB Pro v3.5.1
17th April 2008
  • Items can now be marked to trigger only "Once per session" (Item properties -> Triggers page)
  • Fix: Now correctly recognizes Outlook 2007 security dialog.
  • Fix: Reset button in Set Data Folder now restores the default folder location
PTFB Pro v3.5
14th Feb 2008
  • PTFB Pro can now play a sound when an item fires, as well as writing to a log, sending an email and running a command line.
  • Can now change the location of the data folder
  • Can now choose whether computer should be relocked or not after unlocking by the service
PTFB Pro v3.4.1
27th Nov 2007
  • ProgMon launch operations can now specify a starting directory for the target program
  • ProgMon items can now stop then relaunch a program automatically. This should prove useful for programs that have resource leaks or simply stop functioning so well when they've been running for a few hours
  • Some minor changes to wording within PTFB's interfaces and Help file
  • Uninstaller is now digitally signed (saves unexpected elevation request under Vista)
PTFB Pro v3.4
18th Sep 2007
  • New Macro item: Program Monitor (ProgMon). This item keeps watch for a particular program and can either launch it automatically if it isn't running OR kill it if it is running. To create a ProgMon item, click the right hand side of the Macro button and choose New ProgMon Macro from the resulting menu. Note: Not available when running on Win9x
PTFB Pro v3.3.6
31st July 2007
  • Fix: Forced Delay macro item was broken under W2k/XP in a previous release, it's now fixed.
PTFB Pro v3.3.5
4th July 2007
  • Fix: stopped infinite loop if time is deleted on trigger page.
  • Added new /NOICON command line option to cause PTFB Pro to run without its system tray icon.
  • Changed method of launching PTFB Pro after installation on Vista
PTFB Pro v3.3.4
16th Apr 2007
  • Initial and repeat delays can now be set to tenths of a second.
  • On systems running Vista or 2003 Server SP2 with DEP enabled for all processes, the installer now adds a DEP exception for PTFB automatically. In most cases this will be enough to avoid any incompatibilities with DEP.
PTFB Pro v3.3.3
8th Mar 2007
  • New command line option: /RELOAD causes reload of all targets from data file.
  • Improvements to installer for Vista.
PTFB Pro v3.3.2
18th Jan 2007
  • Changes to single press and macro playback to correct occasional problems occurring when switching between targets.
  • Improved Vista-style macro playback. All "real" mouse and key actions are blocked during playback, except for playback abort keys CTRL+ESC and Pause/Break.
PTFB Pro v3.3.1
13th Dec 2006
  • Fixes for incompatiblity problems with some Computer Associates products. PestPatrol and AOL Safety & Security Center may still be affected. Please check the forums for details and workarounds.
  • Added option to restore previous active window after a single-press or macro has completed. This option is labelled "Restore Active Window" and is located on the General page of each macro/press item's property screen.
PTFB Pro v3.3
25th October 2006
  • Windows Vista support (based on RC2)
  • PTFB Pro can now dismiss irritating tray icon "balloon" tooltips on XP and Vista using Single Press - see the Help for details.
  • Run macro hotkey can now operate even when PTFB Pro is in "Watch" mode
  • More hotkeys available for PTFB Pro's main functions
  • Configure... screen now has a HotKey page for viewing and changing both application and macro hotkeys.
  • Can now specify actions to take immediately after creating a new item, e.g. Edit, Start Watching
  • Various tweaks and bug fixes
PTFB Pro v3.2
16th Sept 2006
  • Repeat option has been extended to cover all triggers. Can now repeat indefinitely, for a limited time or for a specific number of times
  • Added ability to place comment lines within the macro
  • Macro editor now supports right-click and has additional functions
PTFB Pro v3.1.2
10th Aug 2006
  • Added new "Switch To Program" macro action (Misc section on Edit page)
  • During a Windows restart/shutdown, PTFB Pro now delays its exit as long as possible. In many cases this will enable it to deal with popup messages that occur at this time.
PTFB Pro v3.1.1
15th June 2006
  • Provisional support for Windows Vista
  • Extended maximum initial and repeat delays to 8 hrs.
  • Clicking enable/disable checkbox on a selected item now toggles all selected items
  • Disabling an item or disabling PTFB while it is in the system tray temporarily releases any associated item hotkeys. This is handy if you've defined a hotkey that clashes with a menu shortcut in another program.
  • Command line now limited to two item IDs (space separated)
  • Corrected drag/drop ordering issue with items on 2nd tab and upwards
  • Minor bug fixes
PTFB Pro v3.1
1st May 2006
  • Added ability to enter a comment for each target. The comment is shown in the tooltips for each item
  • Can now select multiple items in the list for easier ordering, enabling/disabling and deletion
  • Tabs : added ability to organize macros and targets into tabbed groups for easier management
  • Various cosmetic tweaks
PTFB Pro v3.0.1
2nd Mar 2006
  • Added "Force CapsLock" macro item to ensure correct capitalization
  • Added option to hide PTFB Pro window while choosing target - see Config screen
  • Various cosmetic and usability tweaks
PTFB Pro v3.0
11th Jan 2006
  • Separate initial and repeat delays for both single presses and macros (sequences)
  • Ability to edit macros and insert custom commands (e.g. run command line, run other macro)
  • Window-less macros (operate on entire screen)
  • Greater speed range for macro playback (1/4 speed through to maximum possible)
  • New triggering options:
    • when target window appears (as before, but now with ability to confine actions to certain days/hours)
    • repeating day/time schedule (like Windows scheduler)
    • your own choice of hotkey
    • command line (an external program can tell PTFB to run a macro on demand)
  • Option to conceal macro contents from prying eyes
  • New items take a snapshot of the original target window, so you can always refresh you memory!
  • Ability to operate on minimized windows
  • Ability to handle multiple on-screen instances of the same target
PTFB Pro v2.4.4.0
3rd Nov 2005
  • Simplified and improved handling of Outlook security dialogs to overcome interference of some security suites.
  • Improved inbuilt Help.
  • Updated installer - auto-start is no longer on by default
PTFB Pro v2.4.3.0
20th Sept 2005
  • Updated list to display hotkey for single-press targets.
  • Updated installer
PTFB Pro v2.4.2.0
5th Aug 2005
  • Reverts to old pressing technique for targets that remain obscured.
  • "Fire only for application" now uses case-free matching
PTFB Pro v2.4.1.0
6th July 2005
  • Can now disable tooltips for the main list.
  • Can now use PTFB Pro hotkey to toggle between enabled/disabled state
  • Press delay (if any) now shown in Info column of main list
  • Single press hotkey now accepts return, space and escape keys
PTFB Pro v2.4.0.0
27th May 2005
  • Added a service component to allow pressing of all targets when the
    computer is locked or running a locking screensaver. Please consult the
    Help for details.
PTFB Pro v2.3.1.0
18th April 2005
  • Further improvements to handling of Outlook security dialogs. Now capable of immediately dismissing all current (English language) variants of the dialogs. Note - users of Office 2000 SP3 are advised to disable the Office Assistant.
PTFB Pro v2.3.0.0
4th April 2005
  • Added option to forcibly enable a button before it is pressed. This is primarily for Outlook users, as it enables the Outlook mail confirmation dialog to be dismissed immediately - no more 5 second wait!
  • Can now choose whether the target list should be sorted automatically, or allow custom ordering by drag and drop.
  • Improved button recognition to include check boxes, option (radio) buttons and disabled buttons
  • Improved handling of the tray icon reduces cpu load and should eliminate interference with tooltip display on slow or heavily loaded computers running W2K
PTFB Pro v2.2.0.0
11th Feb 2005
  • Added direct control over window type checking, to cope with windows that have different types (class names) each time their owning program is run. This will help PTFB Pro correctly identify windows of programs developed using the Microsoft Foundation Classes (among others).
  • Added new option to use size to help identify a window, following user requests.
  • Info page on target properties now shows main window type and size in addition to window contents.
  • Changed default response speed for new installations to maximum.
  • Fixed drawing issues under Windows Server 2003, and XP using the classic (Windows 2000) style.
  • Fixed fatal error with certain invalid regular expressions.
PTFB Pro v2.1.1.0
12th Jan 2005
  • Resolves issue with control display when using Windows 2000 display schemes.
PTFB Pro v2.1.0.0
9th Dec 2004
  • Adds ability to change defaults for many settings, including auto-repeat, application-lock, playback speed; Several cosmetic tweaks
PTFB Pro v2.0.0.2
15th Oct 2004
  • Installer includes latest version of gdiplus.dll from Microsoft to counter jpeg vulnerability (Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-028) Cosmetic tweak to Target Properties General page
PTFB Pro v2.0.0.1
13th Sept 2004
  • Minor Release. Fixes bug that prevents logging and emails when no screenshot required.
PTFB Pro v2.0.0.0
8th Sept 2004
  • First Public Release of professional version