Usage Examples

Keep vital programs running 24/7

  • "People keep closing a vital program on our shared office PC."
    PTFB Pro will detect when this occurs and restart it immediately.
  • "A vital program that we set to run overnight occasionally crashes or hangs. No one notices until the next morning by which time a whole nights processing has been lost."
    PTFB Pro can detect a program hang or crash and start / restart immediately. It can also take other action such as logging, notifications or even running scripts or batch files.
  • "A program set to run overnight occasionally throws up a prompt and processing halts until someone responds."
    PTFB Pro can either notify someone that this has happened or respond to the prompt automatically.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

  • "I spend a lot of time posting to blogs. When I paste in links and images I always want to apply a particular style to them but it takes ages typing in the style tags every time."
    You can set up PTFB Pro to insert the tags for you automatically whenever you issue your chosen hotkey sequence.
  • "I have a great little utility that I use daily but sadly it doesn't remember my favorite settings for certain operations. Reconfiguring those settings every single session is a pain."
    PTFB Pro will do it instantly whenever the utility screen appears.

Restart Programs

  • "There's a critical program on our system that has known memory leaks. It needs to be restarted on a regular basis to free up resources but there's no one to do it during the night."
    PTFB Pro can do it for you.

Automatically respond to prompts and info requests

  • "I have a program that I use all the time. Whenever I close down it always asks me if I want to save my current project. I never do, but the program never gets the hint. It drives me crazy!"
    PTFB Pro will respond to the prompt for you. It can do it so quickly that you'll scarcely see the message pop up.
  • "Another program prompts me to login every time I launch it."
    PTFB Pro will perform the login for you. Again, it can do it so quickly that you don't even see the prompt thus saving you time and irritation!
  • "I regularly visit a web site page and want an auto-clicker to automatically click on a link or button. The trouble is, the link / button isn't always in the same place so my auto-clicker can't find it."
    PTFB Pro doesn't just rely on co-ordinates - it will actually recognize most standard buttons used in Windows programs. If the program screen is resized or laid out differently under different circumstances PTFB Pro can still find and click the button

Prevent programs from running at specified times

  • "We have software on our office PC's that checks for updates (e.g. for the Java runtime). It's OK for them to run when our computers first start up, but we don't want them running all day because they just consume memory and other resources for no good reason. Stopping them by hand is a pain!"
    PTFB Pro can shut down programs at times that you specify.

Restore preferences every time a program runs

  • "I have an old but otherwise fully functional program that fails to remember it's most recent position from one session to the next."
    PTFB Pro can remember it's most recent position and restore it every time your program runs.
  • "We have a program that tries to restore its size/position each time it runs but doesn't quite do it right when running under Vista or Windows 7."
    PTFB Pro will automatically size / position it correctly for you.

"This program is amazingly easy to use and is making my life way easier."
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