No matter how sophisticated your macro, unless you have powerful mechanisms for determining when that macro should run you are very limited in the type of task you can automate. In many cases it would be appropriate to assign a macro to a hot key and have it run every time you hit that key combination. But that's no use in situations where you don't want to be interrupted while you're working, or when there's no one at your computer. PTFB Pro provides a variety of sophisticated triggering options:

A macro can be:

  • assigned to a hot-key combination.
  • scheduled to run at a specified time/times.
  • run from the command line / batch file / from within other programs.
  • triggered in response to specified events on your computer:
    • A specified program starts up.
    • A given window, form or prompt appears.
    • A specified program hangs ("is not responding").
    • A program is/isn't running at a specified time.
    • A monitored section of the window/screen changes

Click on the 'Macro Recorder' and 'Auto Clicker' tabs for more details.

Ideal for starting, stopping or restarting crashed or non-responsive programs.

  • Monitors programs running on your computer.
  • Launch programs that should be running but aren't.
  • Shut down programs that shouldn't be running.
  • Restart programs either:
    • According to schedule
    • When not responding

Ideal for restoring preferences every time a program runs.

  • Automatically adjust windows to your preferred state whenever they appear.
  • Adjust size.
  • Minimize or Maximize.
  • Keep on top.
  • Adjust position.
  • Respond to prompts and other confirmation screens rapidly and automatically.
  • Respond using mouse clicks, key presses or any combination of the two.
  • Run an auto responder:
    • Automatically whenever the target prompt appears.
    • According to hot-key sequence.
    • According to schedule.
    • From a batch file or command line.
  • Intuitive visual interface.
  • Silent install option for rapid deployment on multiple machines.
  • Multi-user registration option and site licenses available on request.
  • Access to PTFB Pro itself, and/or to macro contents can be password-protected.
  • Hide macros from prying eyes - macro file is encrypted, viewing and editing of macros can be password protected.
  • Share macros between networked computers.
  • You can create a suite of commonly used macros in one location and share it amongst all workers in your office.

Can operate when:

  • Screen saver present.
  • Workstation locked.
  • In a dormant remote desktop session.

After running a macro PTFB Pro can optionally:

  • Log it's actions.
  • Send a notification email.
  • Trigger a batch file or command line.

"I'm glad you're helping the rest of us out with these nuisances that Microsoft feels obligated to supply us with."
C. W. Bruce, Corporate Information Technology Manager

Built In Auto Clicker

PTFB Pro's focus is on quickly and easily eliminating interruptions, irritations and finger-wear. It's been designed to automatically deal with irritating prompts, popups and screens that interrupt your workflow and to keep things running smoothly when you're not there to 'Push the Freakin' Button' every time Windows asks a question. As such, it has some handy features not typically found in an auto-clicker (as well as all the features you might expect!).

  • Auto-click on any screen or window coordinate.
  • Fine control over clicking repetition, duration and interval.
  • Seek out and auto-click on buttons and links that aren't always in the same place.
  • Run auto-click sequences when hotkey pressed, according to schedule or every time a particular window or dialog appears.

Run your auto click Sequence every time a given Window appears.

When you record a new auto-click sequence PTFB Pro stores information that uniquely identifies the window that you are acting upon. By default, PTFB Pro will run your new auto-click sequence every time that window appears in the future. You can of course change this behavior - you can select from a variety of trigger options and also configure the default behavior for newly created auto-clicker sequences.

Seek out and auto click on links and buttons that aren't always in the same place.

PTFB Pro doesn't just rely on co-ordinates - it will actually recognize most standard buttons and links used in Windows programs. If the program screen is resized or laid out differently under different circumstances PTFB Pro can still find and click the button.

Built in Macro Recorder

PTFB Pro incorporates a macro recorder with a whole host of features that power users will love. A simple, intuitive interface allows you to quickly and easily delegate repetitive tasks to PTFB Pro with the minimum of fuss and without interruption to your workflow. No scripting language to learn, no steep learning curve - just a couple of mouse clicks and those tiresome tasks, interruptions and irritations are a thing of the past.

Edit macros via intuitive visual interface.

PTFB Pro's macro editor lets you fine tune your macros through a simple drag and drop graphical interface.

There's no scripting language to learn, yet you can still add program logic, loops, special commands and trigger other macros. Using these simple building blocks it's possible to automate extremely complex sequences of tasks!

Fine control over initial delay and repeat delay.

(accurate to 1/10 th of a second):

  • Repeat macro sequence for a certain number of times.
  • Repeat macro sequence for certain length of time.
  • Repeat macro sequence indefinitely.

Fine control over playback speed with ability to skip redundant mouse moves.

Chain macros together to carry out very complex operations.